I can help you make better digital products.

And in recent years I have specialized in design systems, which you can read about here.

User Experience design

As a User Experience (UX) designer I will help you to accelerate your velocity to bring your products to market. Based on real use-cases, I design the ideal solution, test with users, and determine what solution helps to solve your user’s problems.

UX is about learning about users and their problems as early in the development process as possible. A good user experience is one that meets the user’s needs in the specific context where the user uses the product.

Lean product

I work according to principles and methods of lean product:

  • The user is in the center
  • Ideas come from anywhere
  • Continuous testing and validation
  • Learn fast, fail fast
  • Team, business model and go-to-market aligned

Lean product is the intersection of design thinking, customer experience, lean startup and agile product development. It is about learning fast and challenging the status quo by obtaining a deep understanding of user problems. The process challenges our assumptions and ‘gut’ based decision-making through low-cost experimentation and user-centered design. 


If you are interested to learn more about the projects I worked on and the methodology used, I am always more than happy to share over a (virtual) coffee. Let’s connect via emailtwitter or linkedin.

Visual design

Aside from working as a UX designer, I have also done a lot of visual design over the past years. From logos to infographics and from posters to stationary. Here you find a selection of my work.

“Key Accomplishments” – Infographic (2021)
Identity for the Wolters Kluwer Product Design System (2020)
*/dxg rebranding (2020)
“D’Ouwe Grutter” – Logo design (2019)
“Foxtrot” (2014)
“Deep Space Nyan” (2014)
Identity design (2011)
“Max” (2015)
“UX Principles” – Posters (2017)
Sentech Sensor Technology – Print (2010)
“Oscar” – Print on postcard (2019)
“Trends” (2017) – Print on large canvas
“Call me maybe?” (2015)
“ABC” (2015)
“Let me be / in” (2015)
“Key Accomplishments” – Infographic (2016)
Brochure design (2014)
“SkyDrive” – Infographic for Microsoft (2012)