I design digital products

and in recent years I have specialized in building design systems, which you can read about here.

Product design

When I joined the UX Team at Wolters Kluwer I started working according to principles and methods of Lean product. Lean product is the intersection of design thinking, customer experience, lean startup and agile product development. The process, methods and skills are essential to digital transformation. At an enterprise level it helps to build a culture that embraces short cycle experiments with customers, which in turn support business goals.

The iterative phases of lean product at the highest level can be broken down to build, measure, and learn. An important part of this is a continuous process of discovery and design. We need to understand if there is a problem worth solving and if we can solve it. User research and lean experiments are ways to empathize and understand the jobs our customers do and will help determine if there is a problem/solution fit.

Through an iterative design process of exploring, refining and challenging ideas we will learn if our solution meets the needs of the market. We test, validate and drive the product vision, mission, business models and horizons. In order to learn we need to continuously monitor and measure when we are in the market. Data and insights will help us to determine whether the product can be considered a success. We learn and refine accordingly.


I worked on many digital solutions for various clients. However, most work is proprietary and cannot be shared publicly. If you are interested to learn more about the projects I worked on and the methodology used, I am always more than happy to share over a virtual coffee. Let’s connect via emailtwitter or linkedin.

Visual design

Aside from working on digital products, I have also done a lot of visual design over the past years. From logos to infographics and from posters to stationary. Here you find a selection of my work.

“Key Accomplishments” – Infographic (2021)
Identity for the Wolters Kluwer Product Design System (2020)
*/dxg rebranding (2020)
“D’Ouwe Grutter” – Logo design (2019)
“Foxtrot” (2014)
“Deep Space Nyan” (2014)
Identity design (2011)
“Max” (2015)
“UX Principles” – Posters (2017)
Sentech Sensor Technology – Print (2010)
“Oscar” – Print on postcard (2019)
“Trends” (2017) – Print on large canvas
“Call me maybe?” (2015)
“ABC” (2015)
“Let me be / in” (2015)
“Key Accomplishments” – Infographic (2016)
Brochure design (2014)
“SkyDrive” – Infographic for Microsoft (2012)