My name is Eric Alberts and I currently work as a User Experience Manager at Wolters Kluwer. I lead the European side of the UX Team of Wolters Kluwer’s Digital Experience Group (DXG). The DXG creates products and solutions with Wolters Kluwer businesses around the globe to serve professionals in the Legal, Tax, Health, Finance and Compliance sectors.

The DXG UX Team is a multinational and multidisciplinary team with members in various countries. We work closely together with business units to help envision new products and improve existing offerings with customer centric and value driven design processes.

I have the expertise to listen to the needs of customers, to understand the problems they face, and to translate these insights into experiences, which are useful, usable, desirable, findable, accessible, credible, and, in the end, valuable for both users and organizations.

I draw from years of hands-on experience and combine that with my analytical and strategic abilities to offer any organization a complete package for creating valuable digital products.

I received my Bachelor’s degree in Communication and Multimedia Design (CMD) in 2009. The choice for CMD was quite easy given my innate interest in design and digital technology. CMD helped me how to listen to the user’s needs and translate these needs into creative new solutions that meet the social, economical, and cultural contexts of the targeted audience.

After wrapping up my Bachelor’s I wanted to know more about the complexities of new media. By following the Master’s program New Media and Digital Culture at the University of Utrecht I learned to critically reflect on the entanglements between society, culture, politics and technology and the increasingly important role of new media in our present-day information society. I received my Master’s degree, graduating with honours, in 2012.

During college I worked as a designer for various clients. One of these clients was Microsoft, which inspired me to write my thesis on the company’s game peripheral Kinect.

If you want to get in touch, simply drop me a line, contact me via Twitter or check out my LinkedIn.